Which Female Superhero Should Get a Solo Movie First?

Which Female Superhero Should Get a Solo Movie First?

Apr 10, 2014

With everyone talking about a Black Widow solo movie post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fox is getting the ball rolling on the idea of a Mystique solo movie a month ahead of its release of X-Men: Days of Future Past. It makes sense, as the studio was once planning to do a number of solo mutant movies, including a feature focused on Emma Frost. But after the first X-Men Origins movie with Wolverine was poorly received it turned X-Men Origins: Magneto into X-Men: First Class

But everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence, whether she's doing Oscar-caliber work or competing in the Hunger Games or covered in blue body paint, so it makes sense that she'd be in demand to make the first go at a good solo female superhero movie -- or, in her case, supervillain movie -- so that we can finally forget that all we've gotten so far in that arena is Supergirl, Catwoman, Elektra and Barb Wire.

Consider this the hottest competition since the 1960s Space Race, as we wait to see if Fox, Marvel or Warner Bros. is first to the movie theaters with Mystique, Black Widow or Wonder Woman, respectively. Seems like Sony needs to get in on this action by announcing that it's thinking about the possiblity of developing an Amazing Spider-Man spin-off about Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Firestar or Silver Sable. 

I like the idea of a Mystique movie again now that I'm reminded of the idea I had years ago when Fox started its Origins spin-offs. At the time I imagined a WWII-set lesbian spy movie (featuring her partner, Destiny) directed by Brian De Palma as a mix between Mission: Impossible and Femme Fatale. Of course, I also like my old ideas for a Psylocke-based body-swap movie, a Michael Bay-directed Boomer movie and of course an adaptation of Dazzler: The Movie starring Miley Cyrus. 

I think Warners needs to figure out how to do a Wonder Woman movie that leads and rules them all. It just makes sense. All it needs to do is pretend it's writing a male superhero movie and then just change the gender pronouns later. Is there really that much that has to be different just because the character has breasts? Not at all. Accentuate them with a sexy costume if you want, but otherwise she's just another action-hero character. 


Which female superhero or supervillain should get the next solo movie?

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