Which Is Cheaper: Exploring Space or Making a Movie? The Answer May Surprise You

Which Is Cheaper: Exploring Space or Making a Movie? The Answer May Surprise You

Feb 05, 2013

If you've always wondered what the cost of exploring space in the movies was like compared to reality, ponder no more! U.K. lending company Payday Loan and Neo Mammalian Studios created an infographic that answers your burning questions about space travel. The results are fascinating and lead us to conclude that Hollywood has a whole lot of money to burn. They should offer a loan to beef up space programs around the world, because astronauts are the true heroes.

When comparing sci-fi films and rocket-launch costs, the graphic found that the U.S.A. space shuttle ($450 million) blast off was only slightly above the budgets for John Carter ($300 million) and James Cameron's enviro epic Avatar ($257 million). Kudos to the graphic creators for adding a little bit of humor into the mix by including Ed Wood's low-budget classic Plan 9 from Outer Space. The cheesy cult movie ranks lowest — though we question that figure, which seems too high. IMDb rates the budget at around $60,000 (also unbelievable). 

We also learn that the cost of the entire Star Trek film series cost moviemakers $983 million, which is more than then entire space budget for the U.K., Canada and Norway. The budget for Star Trek Into Darkness could launch 10 Pegasus XL rockets into space. Insanity.

The budgets for Star Wars, Prometheus and Armageddon are a few of the other films explored. The most important infographic tidbit, however, is the part about sending Bruce Willis to space. If we need to explain why, then you aren't one of us. Travel to infinity and beyond, below. [via Design You Trust]


Infographic: The Cost of Exploring Space - Film vs. Reality
The Cost of Exploring Space - Film vs. Reality by PaydayLoan.co.uk

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