Which 2013 Sundance Movie Are You Now Anticipating Most?

Which 2013 Sundance Movie Are You Now Anticipating Most?

Jan 28, 2013

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival has come and gone, and as usual it’s left a pile of anticipation in its wake. Those in attendance made a lot of noise about a good amount of narrative and documentary features, and many of those titles picked up distribution deals, so eventually the rest of us will one day get to see them, too. Some sooner than later, as Dave Grohl’s very hot directorial debut, Sound City, hits VOD this Friday.

Hopefully you’ve paid attention to our own coverage at Movies.com and are now excited about such films as Toy’s House, The Spectacular Now, Cutie and the Boxer, Fruitvale and Escape From Tomorrow -- of course, you’ve also no doubt heard that you’ll probably never get to see that last one. On top of those, there are the award winners, which include Fruitvale. Actually, Fruitvale has the very rare distinction of winning the jury and audience prizes in its program. And so does the documentary Blood Brother. So both of those should definitely be high on your radar.

Other award winners that had already been must-see movies based on reviews and talk around Park City include narratives Upstream Color and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and docs The Square and Dirty Wars. Personally, since many of my favorite films out of Sundance over the years have also had this honor, I’m really intrigued by Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award winner In a World..., which I honestly hadn’t heard much about before it was honored Saturday night. However, Variety likened writer/director/star Lake Bell to screwball leading ladies a la Carole Lombard. So, that alone already had me sold.

I think based on its likelihood of not being seen, I’m most curious about Escape from Tomorrow, but based on the discussions and the divisive reactions, my number one anticipated Sundance 2013 vet is Upstream Color. Doc-wise I’m still -- as I was going in -- most interested in The Summit. And I want to bring up one more film that I both never ever want to see but also want to see immediately just because I’m drawn to things that are bad for my health: Charlie Victor Romeo, the hard-to-define film that reenacts airline crashes using black box transcripts as its screenplay. But I am flying soon, so maybe I can hold off until after that trip.

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Which Sundance 2013 film are you now most anticipating?


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