Which 2012 Blockbusters Deserve Major Oscar Consideration?

Which 2012 Blockbusters Deserve Major Oscar Consideration?

Nov 12, 2012

Will the infamous Oscar snub of The Dark Knight be fully avenged next year? Back in 2009, the failure of the Academy to recognize Christopher Nolan's Batman film as a Best Picture contender partly resulted in the expansion of the category. The next year, genre fans got their due with nominations for District 9 and Avatar. In 2011, Nolan's Inception made it in, but fans were disappointed that the filmmaker himself was snubbed for Best Director.

Now, The Dark Knight Rises hopes to regain some of the honor, as Warner Bros. has unveiled a For Your Consideration campaign (with new stills for ads, including the one above, and a website) that highlight the trilogy ender as a contender for Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Actor (Christian Bale), Actress (Anne Hathaway), Supporting Actor (Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman), Supporting Actress (Marion Cotillard), Cinematography, Editing and all the rest of the craft categories it qualifies for. 

Which slots does the film deserve to fill? Let's not forget that The Dark Knight was hardly snubbed overall. It picked up eight nominations, including Best Cinematography, and won two awards, for Best Supporting Actor and Sound Editing. Before that, Batman Begins was nominated in one category, Cinematography. There's no way that Rises will be Wally Pfister's third time nominated for the series. Not just because he finally won with Inception, but because if any blockbuster movie of this year gets into the category, it's going to be Skyfall

And with buzz heavy following its grand opening weekend, Skyfall could be the preferred blockbuster for a Best Picture nomination over Rises as well. There's really not much else the James Bond movie is capable of garnering a nod for other than Original Song, a category it hasn't featured in since 1982, which is the last time any Bond movie was nominated. Another big action movie from this year that fans would like to see also compete for Best Picture is The Avengers. Does it have a chance there or in any other category? 

Looking at last year's nine Best Picture nominees, it's worth nothing that, unlike with the other recent years of having an expanded category, none were among the highest-grossing films of the year. The Help was closest at number 13 and The Descendents was next at number 39. So it would be a huge deal if at least one of this year's biggest hits makes it in. But, honestly, the closest thing I see for any of them in a major category -- not counting Skyfall's possible cinematography nod -- is Ted for Original Screenplay. 


Does The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall or any other 2012 blockbuster deserve major Oscar consideration?

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