Which 1980s Movies Still Need a Fresh Remake?

Which 1980s Movies Still Need a Fresh Remake?

Feb 13, 2014

Don't tell us remakes are the worst idea there is. A remake of a movie can be even more clever and necessary than a lot of the "original" movies that come out of Hollywood every year. Shakespeare made a historical career out of doing many remakes, which is the best arguement we have against the naysayers. 

Of course it does seem frustrating when you have a weekend like the one coming up, where three of the big new releases are remakes of 1980s movies, and none are getting great reviews. Still, two are from barely remembered romantic pictures and the other is a pretty interesting modern take on a popular action movie with continued cult-level favor.

Endless Love and About Last Night, if better, would represent the worthy idea of trying again with bad movies. RoboCop represents the idea of updating a good movie that can have fresh relevance decades later, in this case as a movie about drones. Making something totally new would have worked, too, but in recycling there's a certain context there that makes the modernized relevance stand out more.

It's the same reason that it's made sense for Brewster's Millions to be redone every so often. The comedy, which was last done in 1985 (in the U.S., anyway, there have been two in India since), is really due for another go-around, and as a matter of fact Warner Bros. has had one in development scripted by 30 Minutes or Less duo Matthew Sullivan and Michael Diliberti. Hope it happens soon.

What else could use a well-done update? For the pile of potential remakes of (sometimes awesomely) bad '80s movies, there's My Science Project, The Stuff, Chopping MallHamburger... The Motion PictureThe WraithHoward the Duck, Mannequin and Santa Claus: The Movie, among many others.

And for those that could find fresh contemporary relevance (some of them are also quite bad) there's Electric Dreams (although Her stole its thunder), Back to School, Trading Places, WisdomInnerspacePeggy Sue Got MarriedGirls Just Want to Have Fun and The Final Countdown -- but now the dilemma is whether or not to stop 9/11 from happening.


Which '80s movies still need a fresh remake?

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