Where Should 'Die Hard 6' Be Set?

Where Should 'Die Hard 6' Be Set?

Feb 11, 2013

The fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise hasn't even opened yet, but I'll just tell you how it ends right now, and this isn't a spoiler: John McClane (Bruce Willis) saves the day, the movie makes a ton of money and Fox officially greenlights another sequel (which Willis wants to do). Now that that's out of the way, we can talk about that next one. Die Hard 6, it is, though they'll come up with some terrible title for it down the road. Really, the studio needs to finally embrace the old "Die Hard on a... " copycat concept and just title it "Die Hard on a Boat" or "Die Hard on a Plane" or... yep, "Die Hard in Space."

Space is where many people expect and desire the franchise to go next (see the poll below), and indeed it is a logical step. The series has expanded outward in scope from the beginning, from inside a skyscrpaer to the vicinity of an airport to the borough of Manhattan to the NYC-D.C. megalopolis to Russia, where the latest takes place. Sure, after going international McClane could just go more global, jumping around continents or wind up in the ocean or the airspace. But we want outer space. Never mind that we've basically seen the character battle an asteroid (in Armageddon) and also save the world from aliens (The Fifth Element). He needs to fight terrorists in a space station, a moon station, a Martian colony or in a ship traveling through the galaxy. 

The only other thing to do is to bring us back to the beginning. No, I don't mean have McClane now working at a detective agency where he has sexual tension with his female partner. I mean Nakatomi Plaza. And instead of his wife or daughter or son being involved in the plot, it's the house maid from the original film. And William Atherton's reporter is the terrorist. Ridiculous, you say? But you want McClane to go into space. They might as well do "Die Hard in Hell" (aka "Death Hard") -- never mind The SIxth Sense -- in which he has to save Heaven from terrorists from the underworld. Not just any terrorists, but those he's already killed in previous films. It's like a video game where villains you've defeated return for the finale. 

Okay, I'll stop now. Your turn.


Where should the next Die Hard be set? 

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