What's That Catchy Song Playing on a Loop in 'You're Next'?

What's That Catchy Song Playing on a Loop in 'You're Next'?

Aug 23, 2013

If you've seen You're Next (it's one of this year's best horror movies, so make sure you do), you'll almost assuredly walk out of the theater humming a certain tune that's featured throughout the movie. It's a song that's playing on a neighbor's sound system in the beginning of the film, and then after certain spoilerish events take place, that song continues to play, on a loop, and it slowly evolves to become its own character in the movie. 

The song in question is 1977's "Looking for the Magic" by the Dwight Twilley Band, and it's one catchy tune that's used pretty brilliantly throughout because it's a song you want to keep listening to, but at the same time it's used for these super-intense scenes that usually end with someone being killed, leaving your emotions completely out of whack. 

Here's the song for you to listen to on repeat after watching the movie.

And here's a story from director Adam Wingard about how they decided to use this particular song, via an interview with Film School Rejects:

"Well, in the script it was written as…I don’t remember what song Simon wrote in the script. But it was one of those things where…And, again, going back to the whole iconic thing, I really grew up on Tarantino’s movies. I always just absolutely loved the way he used songs in a special way that really imprinted on you. That was just something I felt like I hadn’t seen before.

And so, Simon wrote this kind of reoccurring motif. And the question became: What song are we going to use? I knew that I wanted something kind of in the late ‘70s, early ‘80s kind of era of sound. But, you know, when you are working on a budget you are trying to figure out, “How do we get a good song from that era that isn’t going to be super expensive?”

So I wanted something that sounded like something that basically should have been a #1 hit but you’ve never heard it before. Easier said than done. But we kept an open mind. We looked at a lot of French music. It just turned out that one of the main composers on the film, Kyle McKennen, I asked him, because he just has a huge encyclopedic knowledge of obscure and indie music, and just all kinds of music. So I was just like, “Well, this is the kind of criteria I’m looking for.” And he sent me like 11 songs, and “Looking for the Magic” was one of them. I never heard it before. I played it a couple times. And that was at Simon’s house because I was sleeping on his couch at the time. I called Simon into the room. He was in the other room doing something. I played it for him and immediately we were just like, “Okay, this is it. This is what we want.”



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