'What's in a Name?,' a Movie That Was Bigger in France Than 'The Avengers,' Is Finally Coming to America

'What's in a Name?,' a Movie That Was Bigger in France Than 'The Avengers,' Is Finally Coming to America

Dec 12, 2013

On April 25, 2012 Marvel's The Avengers, which would go on to become the third highest grossing films of all time, opened in France. However, on that weekend it was not the number one film in France. It actually made less money than a comedy about baby names. Not only did this tiny film beat the long-awaited superhero team at the box office, but it went on to to be nominated for five César Awards (aka the French Oscars), and ended up winning two of those nominations. 

That film was called What's in a Name? and it's finally heading to U.S. shores. It opens in New York on December 13, before expanding to other markets around the country throughout December. But you don't have to hope for an art house near you to book it, since you can also snag the film on iTunes.

So why are we telling you about a seemingly random French comedy starring people most U.S. audiences have never heard of? Because it's fascinating to see what films are huge overseas long before they ever make their way to the U.S. of A. We always hear about how well received massive American blockbusters are when they're exported to the international market, but rarely do we hear the flipside of that story, and this is a fine example of the kind of movies other country's make a big fuss about.

Obviously it will never be as big in America as it is in France, but if you'd like to see a fun comedy about how something as seemingly as simple as a baby name can be mined for comedic drama, check out What's in a Name? starting tomorrow.



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