What's Next for Ang Lee, Tom Hooper, Steven Spielberg and David Fincher?

What's Next for Ang Lee, Tom Hooper, Steven Spielberg and David Fincher?

Mar 15, 2013

— Moses is a hot commodity these days with the History Channel broadcasting the religious tale of the Hebrew prophet in The Bible and Ridley Scott preparing to take on Adam Cooper and Bill Collage's Exodus after he wraps The Counselor. Steven Spielberg had jumped on that bandwagon, also, but Deadline reports he's passing on the project with a script by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine, Gods and Kings. Ang Lee is interested, but nothing has been formalized yet as the studio tries to court the Oscar-winning director. Take note sci-fi fans: Robopocalypse is still postponed. For now, it seems Spielberg could be putting his attention toward that Napoleon miniseries based on the great Stanley Kubrick's script we previously reported on.
— We'd love to see an amazing Freddie Mercury biopic worthy of the electrifying singer who died of complications from AIDS in 1991. Sacha Baron Cohen's name has been on the table since 2010 to star as the Queen frontman. We've already had a taste of Cohen's serious acting chops in Les Misérables, we know he can sing, and the striking resemblance is obvious. Les Misérables director Tom Hooper is being considered for director of the Peter Morgan film about the icon, but it's all a rumor for now. We like where the potential reunion is headed, though.
— Last, but not least is an update from Deadline on David Fincher's Gone Girl adaptation. The Gillian Flynn novel about a marriage "gone terribly wrong" caught the eye of the Social Network director not long ago, and he's producing the screenplay written by the author with Pacific Standard’s Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea. The Election actress will not be playing a part in the film, which leaves a wide-open space for another star. Too bad, we could actually see the wide-eyed Witherspoon being perfect for the part, but the most-wanted role is now up for grabs. Who will Fincher put through their paces next? Charlize Theron was considered a frontrunner for the woman who goes missing (and her husband becomes the lead suspect). We can't really envision it — and probably won't, since she's a sure thing for another Gillian Flynn story, Dark Places. Jessica Chastain? Anne Hathaway? Play casting director in the comments, below.

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