What's Happening With 'Bourne 5'? Matt Damon Updates

What's Happening With 'Bourne 5'? Matt Damon Updates

Dec 22, 2015

Matt Damon on location for 'Bourne 5'

We got our first look at a buff Matt Damon in the fifth installment of the Bourne spy series back in September, shortly before his sci-fi thriller The Martian landed in theaters to great popular success. To date, The Martian has earned more than $600 million at the box office worldwide and is now under consideration for year-end awards.

Taking a break from filming the latest Bourne, Damon talked with Variety about his current and past projects. Here are a few highlights.


On The Martian: "When I first met Ridley [Scott] about this, he said he always wanted to do Robinson Crusoe,” and he felt like this was his chance."

The actor continued: "As we got into it we realized the key distinction is that in Robinson Crusoe -- or in Cast Away, for that matter -- the journey the character is going on, it’s about whether or not anybody is ever going to know that he was alive."


On real-life astronauts: "These guys who we send out there, they have to be incredible cooperators and they have to have this incredible positive outlook."

Damon asked actual astronauts about the challenges they face and one replied: "We’re this kind of strange thing where we have to be very smart and there’s all these Ph.D.’s and all these very brilliant minds, but we have to be stupid enough to sit on X numbers of thousand pounds of rocket fuel and get launched into outer space.”


On directing: "The best description of directing that I ever heard was when Steven Soderbergh said to me, 'It’s like making a giant mosaic from an inch-and-a-half away.'”

For The Martian, Damon sat down with director Ridley Scott during preproduction: "We went through the script line by line and he really talked me through the exact movie that he wanted to make, drawing doodles, sometimes handing me storyboards or sometimes just drawing a cartoon on my script and saying, 'This is about the size of the frame we’re going to be on here, and then we’re going to cut into this shot.'”


On Star Wars: "Huge fan. I mean the first one, I think my brother saw it 26 times and I saw it 18 times."

He added: "I was 7 and it was literally just something we did. I just remembered that it was in the theater for months and months and months and if a week would go by and we hadn’t seen it, we’d just go back down and see it again."


As to the new Bourne, "The way forward was just to let time pass and allow the world to change a little."

Damon said he "really liked the franchise and the character" but wasn't sure how the series could continue. While talking with director Paul Greengrass, they decided to allow time to go by before tackling it again.


On Bourne timing: "What’s happened in those intervening years gives you a story."

The actor points out that, in the timeline of the movies, his character disappeared in 2004, which means 12 years will have passed, during which time "the character has been off the grid" entirely. That opens up multiple possibilities for a new adventure.


The Martian is available starting today on digital HD and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on January 12. The next Bourne installment is due in theaters on July 29, 2016.

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