What Is Your Movie Tradition on Christmas?

What Is Your Movie Tradition on Christmas?

Dec 24, 2014

Midway through today, millions of people will stop their hours of sitting in front of a tree adorned with lights and go spend hours sitting in front of a screen adorned with light. It's part of the tradition of Christmas that at some point the family cleans up all the wrapping paper, gets dressed and heads to the cinema for whatever G or PG release they can all agree on. This year, given dad's annoyance with kiddie musicals and mom's trouble sitting for three hours and the kids' unfortunate disinterest in history, we'll probably see an upturn on the Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb box office this week. 

Of course, it's not just those who celebrate Christmas who will be at the movies today -- although I bet a lot of non-Christians now stay home, frustrated that they used to have the theater all to themselves when the holiday was more of a holy day. And many of those who do celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus aren't interested in getting dressed, preferring to lay on the couch in pajamas watching whatever Blu-ray they've opened that morning. 

I spent too many years employed as a multiplex manager to ever want to step foot in a theater on Christmas again. Now I have very young kids, so it's not easy for such a custom yet anyway. But in a few years, I bet I will be lugging the children to see Monsters, Inc. 48 fps or Star Wars IX in Surround Projection Holographic 3D 60 fps. I can almost smell the popcorn-mixed-with-candy-canes vomit on 12-plex carpet topped with sawdust. It's going to be wonderful.

Anyway, we at Movies.com hope you are having a great holiday, whether you're observing or not, and would love to know what you're up to moviewise today.


Which is your movie tradition on Christmas?

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