What Is Your Movie-Related New Year's Resolution?

What Is Your Movie-Related New Year's Resolution?

Dec 31, 2013

As I went to compile my top 10 list this year, I realized that I hadn't seen a whole lot of the usual suspects, at least not of the fictional (aka "narrative") variety. I watched a whole lot of docs in 2013, maybe more than usual, but in doing so I missed a ton of the nondoc stuff at festivals. Plus, since I no longer live in NYC, I missed many of the limited-release titles and still haven't seen a bunch of the year-end specialty releases. The week I've been skipping sleep as I scramble to catch up with stuff like Stoker, The Spectacular Now, Blue Is the Warmest Color in order to feel more complete in my cinephilia.

So, I'm making a few movie-related New Year's resolutions today as I look ahead to 2014. My specialty and focus will remain documentary, for outlets elsewhere, and I still won't be attending many fests, but I'm determined to see more indie and foreign flicks on a timely basis rather than allowing them to pile up in late December. Basically, I promise to be part of the larger film lovers conversation come this 12 months from now.

In addition to that, as a full-time film writer, it's turned out that I see a whole lot of new releases, a lot of them being not very good, and that takes time away from watching a lot of movies I'd rather be seeing. This year, I promise to watch more of the oldies I've never seen, maybe starting with a number of foreign classics via the Criterion selections on Hulu Plus. I took a peek at the collection there the other day and realized I've only seen what feels like 3% of the titles. 

Last but not least, I plan to read more this year. Hopefully stuff that's not movie related, too (I need some escape from it sometimes), but I have stacks of books on different movie-related topics collecting dust. Most important, though, I vow to finally read the Mary Pickford autobiography on my shelf -- Sunshine and Shadow -- given that The First, a biopic about the silent film star, is due in theaters possibly this year. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll also read the book the film is actually based on -- Eileen Whitford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood.


What is your movie-related New Year's resolution?

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