What Is Your Most Anticipated Movie This June?

What Is Your Most Anticipated Movie This June?

Jun 03, 2013

Now that the month has begun, we're ready to find out if this will indeed be the best June in moviegoing history. Or at least in recent years. There's a hot new Superman film produced by Christopher Nolan, a new Pixar movie starring two of the studio's most beloved characters, a meta apocalyptic comedy from the guys behind Superbad and Pineapple Express, the latest excuse for Roland Emmerich to destroy the White House, and a new Melissa McCarthy vehicle from the director of Bridesmaids. Even buzz on World War Z is positive now, and that's quite a surprise after all the presumptions we've had based on its troubled production. 

While most of these films are still embargoed as far as reviews are concerned, some have been seen by press and there have not been many discouraging words. Sure, we have a fairly weak start to the month with The Internship, which spawned some very negative word of mouth following its sneak previews on Saturday night. The Purge is getting mixed marks so far (we liked it), but that's not a big-ticket blockbuster. And while Joss Whedon has a new movie, a modern take on Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, that won't be in a whole lot of multiplexes at the start. 

Next wednesday, however, the real June boon begins with the hilarious This Is the End, which is the kind of comedy I'll be needing to see a second time because I was laughing so much the first (as was everyone else) that I missed some of the jokes. It's honestly not a very memorable movie, but it is the kind you'll have a ball with while you're watching it. Especially if you've been a fan of some of the ensemble players since the days of Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared and also aren't tired of tired of Danny McBride's selish a-hole shtick. 

Right on its heels is Man of Steel. That could be a little darker and more emo than I like my Superman movies normally, but it sure is the blockbuster film of the month if not the summer if not the year. And if superheroes aren't your thing, there's Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, the crowd-pleasing doc 20 Feet From Stardom and two other nonfiction films I highly recommend: the cantankerously fascinating Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story and the devastating Call Me Kuchu.

The third weekend of this month brings scary creatures for the whole family. Pixar sequel Monsters University will charm the kids while World War Z aims to be the widest reaching zombie movie of all time, though mostly for the crowds aged 13 and above. Finally, June wraps with McCarthy buddy copping it up with Sandra Bullock for The Heat and Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx presidentially buddying up for our second (and probably more fun) 1600 Penn-set action movie White House Down. And for the more highbrow tastes, the latest from Pedro Almodovar, I'm So Excited

If you don't have at least one must-see movie on your to-do list this month, you might not actually like movies. 


If you could only see ONE of the new movies out this June, which would you choose?

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