What Your Family's Movie Collection Looked Like in the 1980s

What Your Family's Movie Collection Looked Like in the 1980s

Feb 26, 2013

Technology is so advanced these days that we're inching closer to a new age that no longer requires us to get down on our knees and haphazardly insert a physical disc into a DVD or Blu-ray player. Most of you are probably streaming a lot of your content online already, and soon enough it will be a way of life, leaving us with silly posts like this to remind us (and our spoiled, tech-savvy children) that in the old days we had it rough. And if you're a child of the '80s, you had it even rougher.

Back in the '80s almost everyone watched their movies on a VCR after their family finally junked the Betamax. In those days you didn't download movies, you recorded them off your television and then slipped them into hastily-marked VHS sleeves. Sure, some VHS tapes you bought in stores, but for one reason or another you always wound up losing those sleeves. As such, your movie collection back then most likely looked a lot like this [via Behance.net] ...


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