What Were the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Movie Deals?

What Were the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Movie Deals?

Nov 26, 2012

Hope you all are enjoying Cyber Monday and finding some good deals on movies and movie-related things today. We love hearing from our readers about what they're watching, purchasing and otherwise doing as proper movie geeks, and over the past few days we're sure that many of you found and took advantage of sales and promotions in honor of Black Friday (now including the premature Grey Thursday), Small-Business Saturday and now Cyber Monday. 

I heard one of the best deals over the weekend was the Bond 50 set for only $99 at Amazon. I'm not a big enough 007 junkie to have bought it, but I figure most of you who are even slight fans of the movies ought to have jumped on that. I do wish I hadn't missed out on Amazon's $20 deal for the Coen brothers four-film box set (anyone get on that one?). Meanwhile, the always popular Barnes and Noble Criterion Collection 50% sale is continuing through today. Another very hot deal was pointed out by the Mary Sue, although after it was too late. Mondo quickly sold out of its prints special on Friday, though you can at least look at them in this slideshow and wish you'd been lucky enough to snag one.

Via Film School Rejects, I'm reminded of the great subscription specials for fans of specific distributors Drafthouse Films and Oscilloscope. I personally recommend the latter's Circle of Trust membership to my fellow documentary fans. They've got a lot of great nonfiction films coming out on home video soon, including Samsara, Only the Young and Tchoupitioulas. JoBlo.com showcased a favorite place for movie collectibles offering discounts today. And over at Rope of Silicon, non-video ideas came through with deals at AllPosters.com and on 3D televisions. I know Movies.com editor Peter Hall absolutely loves his (he said so in last week's thanks discussion), so be like him and get one for yourself. 

Were you able to take advantage of these or any other great deals over the past few days? Do tell us about them. Share your movie geekery!



What movie deals have you found and taken advantage of this Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

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