What Video Game Is Most Deserving of a Film Series?

What Video Game Is Most Deserving of a Film Series?

Sep 10, 2012

Complaints about video game adaptations are a dime a dozen, but while it's true that most are terrible, there is always the Resident Evil series. I can see if they're not your cup of tea, but otherwise there's not much to criticize with these movies. They just aren't supposed to be taken that seriously. I love the premise, the unending concept, the seriality of the installments, Milla Jovovich as a a kick-ass heroine, the unabashed gratuity of its 3D spectacle in later installments and, most of all, the fact that I've never seen let alone played a Resident Evil video game and am still just a happy clam in front of each and every sequel. 

That said, they probably need to end at some point, and I hear after this weekend's release of Resident Evil: Retribution there will likely only be one more (and hopefully a TV series if I get my wish). So what's next? Could Avi Arad be the key with developments on Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid adaptations? Will the long-promised Tomb Raider reboot come to fruition and actually be worth the wait? Will there ever actually be movies based on Spy Hunter or Halo or any of the billion other games we've heard optioned in the past decade? More importantly, will any of them work on their own as an enjoyable film property with no reason to prove anything to anyone except the ticket buyer just looking for a good time at the movies?

No video game-based movie should or could be truly faithful. It's simply a different kind of medium. Yet it obviously has to resemble the source in some way while also being something that can adapt from an interactive entertainment to a passive one. I couldn't give you a good example. I don't know anything about modern video games other than they seem to not really need movie versions since in many ways they're so much more than movies. And the kind of games I might play are the monotonous stuff that really only lend themselves to documentaries, such as Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters (now on iTunes). 

I guess I'd see a Pitfall movie. Do people know what that is anymore? It's really the only game I played at home as a kid. At the arcade it was Rampage, which might make a decent disaster/monster movie but just won't allow us to relieve aggression, and that was how it served me.

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