What They Said: Seth Rogen Defends George Lucas' 'Star Wars' Tinkering

What They Said: Seth Rogen Defends George Lucas' 'Star Wars' Tinkering

Sep 08, 2011

Unless you've been living under a dusty old rock on Tatooine, then you already know that all six Star Wars films are about to hit Blu-ray next week. In advance of their release, however, word has trickled out that George Lucas once again took it upon himself to alter a bunch of scenes throughout the series (learn about a good chunk of the changes here). Naturally the past two weeks have been full of Star Wars geeks reacting to this news through angry rants, protests, petitions and whatever else they could do to let the world know how displeased they are with Lucas' continuous tinkering.

Some folks haven't been as jaded as others, though. When we spoke to Seth Rogen earlier this week about his fantastic upcoming cancer comedy 50/50, we ended our chat by talking about Star Wars. Rogen is a true movie and pop-culture geek who grew up on The Wars and even played multiple characters in the film Fanboys, about Star Wars fans who attempt to break into George Lucas' ranch to watch The Phantom Menace before their friend dies of cancer. So we asked him about the recent changes ...

"I think it's interesting, honestly -- I was thinking about it and I really think it's unique what he's doing. It's an interesting perspective to not view the movies as finished as soon as they're released in theaters. In a way it's very forward thinking of him to acknowledge that you can keep changing them. And just because a bunch of other people have grown to accept it, if you think you can improve it who says you aren't allowed to -- especially when those other versions still exist. It's not like you're uncreating something -- you're just evolving it."

"I understand it's odd -- it's not conventional by any means -- and in a way I can see how you can construe it as disrespectful I suppose if it's something you're a huge fan of and that you worship in that way, but I think as a filmmaking theory it's kind of interesting, and it's pretty cool. It's always interesting when people are approaching things differently, and conceptually I think it's interesting that he's viewing his movies as works in progress even decades after they've been made. I think that is a unique perspective that in some way I have to respect."

What do you think? Do you agree with Rogen?

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