What They Said Last Night: Daniel Radcliffe Doesn't Like 'Twilight,' Nicolas Cage Isn't a Time-Traveling Vampire

What They Said Last Night: Daniel Radcliffe Doesn't Like 'Twilight,' Nicolas Cage Isn't a Time-Traveling Vampire

Feb 10, 2012

The Woman in Black star Daniel Radcliffe was a guest on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and chatted about Lana Del Rey, Twilight, and his favorite music. While the rest of the world struggles to figure out what they feel about the fledgling songstress, Radcliffe is sticking to his guns in supporting the singer and applauding her now legendary performance on Saturday Night Live. The former teen wizard knows exactly how he feels about blockbuster vampire saga Twilight, too, and didn't hesitate to respond to a fan's question about the franchise.

Radcliffe's apparently only seen the first film, but knows that Bella, Edward, and Jacob aren't his "cup of tea." How polite! The actor goes on to discuss his favorite music, mentioning The Strokes and The Libertines as two notables of his youth. Check out the brief clip below, and imagine the hilarious possibilities of a Freddy vs. Jason-style spin-off between the Twi crew and Harry Potter's gang. [via BuzzFeed]



Nicolas Cage has a mustachioed doppelganger. One eBay seller attempted to sell a vintage photograph of the actor's "twin" on the website for $1,000,000. He claimed that the unidentified man's picture — taken in 1870 in the Bristol, Tennessee area — proved that the Vampire's Kiss actor was a time-traveling vampire. The auction has since vanished, but the story obviously stuck with people.

Cage was on Late Night with David Letterman and amusingly refuted the claim, citing vampire mythology as proof that he wasn't the man in the photo. "I don’t drink blood and the last time I looked in the mirror I had a reflection," the star told Dave. We're not sure we really believe him. The actor also said the pic was a "slowed down version" of himself. Is he trying to say the guy looked retarded? (Because the photo really does look exactly like Cage. Hmm … ) Check out the clip below to see what we're talking about.

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