What They Said: Damon Lindelof Talks 'Star Trek 3;' Will JJ Abrams Complete the Trilogy?

What They Said: Damon Lindelof Talks 'Star Trek 3;' Will JJ Abrams Complete the Trilogy?

Jun 07, 2012

Damon Lindelof JJ AbramsStar Trek 2 is still roughly a year away from hitting theaters, but that doesn’t mean the team behind the rebooting of the classic sci-fi franchise hasn’t already started thinking about the future. Writer Damon Lindelof recently sat down for an interview with Trek Movie's Anthony Pascale (author of our very own Star Trek Countdown column here at MDC) and revealed that he’s already got ideas for a third film in the series. Read on for the intriguing details.

Lindelof, who’s previously stated that he’d like to get back to creating new and original work as opposed to prequels and the like, isn’t in such a hurry to get back to his own ideas that he’d pass on a third trip aboard the USS Enterprise.

It would be very hard to not be involved in Trek moving forward. We certainly don't feel that a third movie is a foregone conclusion. Hopefully the second movie turns out well and we are really happy about everything so far. So three movies, again not to do everything that Christopher Nolan does, but if you do it right it's a good model. But that idea, whether you want to call it a trilogy or not, although I reserve the right to when we are talking four years from now to say "this is the third movie in our trilogy," but it does feel that three movies is the right responsibility for us to have the baton for before we then pass it off to the people who will take Trek to wherever they want to take it. So if this movie turns out well, would I be writing on the third movie? Who knows? But, we did talk a lot in the writing of this movie and during production about what the next movie might be and started getting excited about some of the ideas, so it would be hard to say no to that. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

Of course, one of the key components of that experience is being able to work with talents like Abrams and the rest of the team.

“That being said, a huge part of this job is my interest in the collaboration that I have shared with JJ and Bryan and Bob and Alex and all these incredible actors and the crew who have now worked on two movies.”

He goes on to add that “Just getting to work with all of them again is a huge incentive to continue. So as long as the team is together, I'm not going to be the one who breaks up the Beatles.”

That Beatles reference might be just a bit of a stretch (maybe…), but it’s hard to argue with the first Trek reboot’s success. While some purists argued that it was more Star Wars than Star Trek, the film resonated with audiences and made $385 million in global ticket sales.

The real question is whether or not Abrams will want to return for a third film. Lindelof’s mention of Christopher Nolan is compelling – because Nolan seems to have set a new standard for filmmakers to commit to trilogies and then move on to other things. Abrams seems well suited to the Trek universe, and it would be nice to see him offer up a three-story arc before passing the reigns on to someone else.

We’ll have to wait and see if that happens, though. As interesting as it is to ponder about a third Star Trek film, we’ve still got the second  entry to look forward to.

Would you want to see Abrams and Lindelof return for a third feature based off what we’ve seen so far or would you prefer the third film (and beyond) feature someone else in the Captain’s chair? Share your opinion below.

And while we wait on the first trailer for Star Trek 2 (arriving later this summer?), here's an excellent fan-made trailer that threw many of us for a loop earlier this week when some of us thought it was real.

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