What They Said: 'Snow White' Screenwriter on Studio Competition and Seth Rogen on "Apocalyptic" Friendships (and Casting)

What They Said: 'Snow White' Screenwriter on Studio Competition and Seth Rogen on "Apocalyptic" Friendships (and Casting)

Sep 15, 2011


Seth Rogen plans on co-directing a horror-comedy that features a who's who of funnymen. He'll be teaming up with pal and writer Evan Goldberg of Pineapple Express, Superbad, and The Green Hornet fame for an apocalyptic shindig. Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse (now titled The Apocalypse) features familiar faces and former collaborators Jonah Hill, James Franco, and Jay Baruchel. The team will play a group of friends who find themselves barricaded inside a house during the apocalypse. "They think they've kind of survived the worst and then they realize they all really can't stand to be around each other as they're stuck in this house together," Rogen recently told the Winnipeg Free Press. The actor has described the film as "personal" and "strange," adding that the cast will be " … literally playing themselves in the movie." How meta. Read the rest of the interview over here.
Hollywood's multiple Snow White projects have been progressing, with Rupert Sanders' Kristen Stewart vehicle, Snow White and the Huntsman – which hits theaters in June – up against Tarsem Singh's Lily Collins' movie, Snow White, which is due in March. Even though Singh is known for his dark sensibility, his version of the fairy tale will be a family-friendly "comedic adventure." Screenwriter Jason Keller spoke to Vulture about the movie, stating:
"Ours is not dark. I mean, I know Snow White and the Huntsman is very intense, and lots of chain mail, and armor, and Kristen Stewart has a sword. Ours is an adventure, ours is funny – it’s a comedic adventure! And there’s some great action in it. It’s stunningly gorgeous, and it’s fun ... Ours will be PG or PG-13, and the other one will probably be a R. We don’t know yet. But ours is nothing like theirs."
The writer also spoke candidly about the studio race to finish and release the film first. He reveals that he didn't have a script completed, but art, costuming, and location were already being planned during the pitch meeting.
"I’m just being very frank about it ... at the end of last year, [Relativity] looked around, and they saw Universal was coming out with a Snow White. But they had a script that wasn’t really working, but they knew they wanted to try to keep that, so when they hired me, the first conversation we all had about that was, ‘How do we beat that other project?’ So it was literally something like, ‘We want to beat that other project. We are very, very motivated to do a Snow White project.'"
Find out more on Vulture's site.

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