What They Said: 'American Reunion' Producer on Humanizing Stifler

What They Said: 'American Reunion' Producer on Humanizing Stifler

Aug 11, 2011

Don't think it's possible to humanize an oversexed meathead of a manchild? American Reunion's writer Craig Perry thinks there's hope – and in a recent interview with Box Office Magazine, the American Pie and Final Destination producer revealed his team has "made a great effort to continue to have Stifler be a human being." If you're not sure what sounds stranger – the fact that they're actually making another film in this played-out series, or that people would possibly want to see this jerky character become less of a tool (a cliché that every raunchy comedy needs?)  – read on.

Perry is reassuring Pie fans that Seann William Scott's character " … can still be Stifler, but he has to have something that is identifiably human, just a little bit." He told BOM that the transformation has "been fantastic to watch," and " … now it's not shtick, because now you remember who this guy is. And sometimes when he says things, it's coming from a place of insecurity, it's coming from frustration, and it just makes everything funnier, weirdly." Remember? Isn't he one of the most quotable characters in the films and forever associated with pale ale?

You'll get to see if this newer, more vulnerable incarnation of Stifler is something you can relate more to on April 6, 2012, when the eighth installment in the series finds the class of 1999 back at East Great Falls for their high school reunion. Check out what else Perry had to say about his latest film in Box Office Magazine.

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