What Quentin Tarantino Might Do Next and What He Definitely Won't

What Quentin Tarantino Might Do Next and What He Definitely Won't

Dec 16, 2015

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is ready to unleash his brutal revisionist Western, The Hateful Eight, upon audiences, initially in a special 70mm roadshow version that will open in select theaters on December 25 (see a complete list here with more details). With that movie locked and loaded, it's natural to wonder what he'll be doing next, especially since he's said he will ony make two more features before retiring from the film industry to focus on stage plays and novels.

More than many filmmakers, Tarantino has always been happy to talk about possible future projects, though he's notorious for floating ideas that never come to fruition. More than a decade ago, for example, he said he wanted to do a James Bond movie, adapted from Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. He's also talked for years about teaming up the Vega brothers, played separately by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction and Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs.

Recently, Tarantino suggested there was a "possibility" that he would make Kill Bill Vol. 3, following up with lead character Beatrix Kiddo (the assassin played by Uma Thurman) after she's had time to raise her daughter. Now, as reported by The Playlist, he says he's considering several more possibilities, while ruling out one genre pretty much entirely.

Django Unchained

40 Lashes Less One

In the past, Tarantino expressed his desire to adapt Elmore Leonard's 1972 novel 40 Lashes Less One, which teamed a black man with an Apache on a mission to catch five wanted criminals. He's still interested in adapting the book, but thinks a mini-series for television would be the best forum for it, running perhaps "four or five hours -- I’d write and direct it all. And it’s right along the lines of Django [Unchained] and Hateful Eight, as it deals with race and it all takes place in a territorial prison. It’s a really good book and I’ve always wanted to tell that story, so we’ll see.”


Inglourious Basterds

Killer Crow(s)

This is another project Tarantino has talked about in the past, following a group of black soldiers during World War II who escape after being court-martialed. Inglorious Basterds grew out of the original story into its own movie. Tarantino said: "I could still do that. I’m not done with it. It’s the closest thing that I have which is a big piece of material that hasn’t been done before. And I would still need to end it and relook at the whole thing again, but that could happen.”


A period gangster movie

According to Tarantino, “It would be fun to do a ‘30s gangster movie, like Bonnie And Clyde or Dillinger, with the tommy guns and that kind of thing. That’s something I haven’t done and that would be cool.”

Death Proof

A horror movie

Don't expect a horror movie from Tarantino, even though he once talked about making a Friday the 13th installment. For one thing, he already did his own twist on a slasher movie with Death Proof. Besides, "I honestly don’t think I have the right temperament," he said, "I like going up and down and up and down and I think that would take away from the horror.”

Whatever Tarantino decides to make next, it'll probably be another three years before we can see it, so it's a good thing we have The Hateful Eight to enjoy in the meantime.

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