What News Do You Hope Is Announced at Comic-Con?

What News Do You Hope Is Announced at Comic-Con?

Jul 23, 2014

Another Comic-Con is nearly upon us, and with it we're sure to hear a lot of news about the most highly anticipated movies and TV series of the next few years. Maybe some that we don't even know are in the works yet. These aren't just superhero blockbusters and shows based on comic books, either. Maybe this won't be the setting for more Star Wars announcements, but there are plenty of other projects that the studios are ready to parade for the fans -- in Hall H and elsewhere around the San Diego Convention Center floor.

First of all there are those things we thing we already know that we hope are confirmed. Is the Rock really going to play Shazam in a 2016 release, and will he also be part of the Justice League movie megafranchise? What exactly are the unrevealed Marvel Studios titles with release dates already announced through 2019? Is one of them Black Panther? Black Widow? Female Thor? Speaking of those movies, will we learn this week who exactly is playing Doctor Strange and if presumptions are correct about it being Benedict Cumberbatch?

Frankly, I'm just hoping for some actual news. I'd love to see some footage debuted from Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, especially if it legitimately makes its way online for those of us not at the event itself. But I'm more interested in hearing about, and subsequently getting excited about, the next movies. What other Marvel and DC characters will have solo movies before I die, and how long do I need to fend off death in order to see them? 

Yes, actualy sitting down and watching the movies is the real thing to look forward to, but let's not fool ourselves: we love the hype that goes with the movies. Trailers, casting news, all of it. This is our culture, and we feed on it. Half the excitement of the movies, for as long as they've around, is the buildup to see the movies. If that weren't true -- and maybe it's not true for everyone -- Comic-Con wouldn't be as big as it is. Movie sites like this one wouldn't be so abundant. 

When I was a kid, half the fun of Christmas was going through the stores or catalogs, picking out what I wanted to put on my list to Santa. And then waiting all those days to see if I got what I wanted. It's just that Comic-Con sets us up for a few years' worth of movie-geek Christmases. 

Over the next few days, I hope that the physical, cosplay-filled catalog of goodies that is Comic-Con provides at least a couple surprises. It doesn't even matter if they're as initially bonkers as last year's Batman vs. Superman announcement. Oh, and speaking of cosplay, I'm really looking forward to seeing some great costumes from the floor this year, as always.


What news are you hoping to hear from Comic-Con this year?

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