What Movie Won Comic-Con 2014?

What Movie Won Comic-Con 2014?

Jul 28, 2014

They don't actually give an award out at Comic-Con for this, but every year one movie deserves a prize for "winning" the whole event. In the past, such champions have included The Avengers, which exploded in Hall H in 2010 by assembling the superhero cast together on stage. Last year, the Avengers may have won again with the announcement of Age of Ultron -- but it was a toss-up then between that and the announcement of a Batman v Superman movie.

Comic-Con 2014 was almost a repeat of 2013 given that last weekend saw the first footage of both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the fans were blown away by each. Once again, there may have been a tie between the comic book adaptations, each an enormous, highly anticipated tentpole from rival brands -- Marvel and DC, respectively.

For Age of Ultron it had to be Iron Man in Hulkbuster armor that did it. For Dawn of Justice, though, there was Batman in Superman-busting armor. Also, the first look at Wonder Woman! However, in the former's favor at Comic-Con was another assemblage of the now even bigger ensemble (villains included), and they sure did charm the crowd. You just can't beat Robert Downey Jr. handing out roses. While DC did host an assemblage of three Justice League heroes, none of these actors had a chance to speak. 

Still, DC's movie is further away, and doesn't the minimal show keep the mystery going strong? I tend to like mystery out of the otherwise bombarding style of Comic-Con.

The thing is, anyway, even if the Avengers and Justice League franchises tied again this year, there's a good chance neither won the event nor even tied for it. Most are saying that Mad Max: Fury Road gets the prize. It was a real underdog, too. Comic-Con winners are often outsiders that are unlikely to make the biggest splash. This is a reboot of a property that hasn't been around since the mid-'80s, after all. But all it took was an action-packed teaser trailer to show the Comic-Con crowd that it's a must-see movie for next summer. 

It helps that the teaser has popped up online since its San Diego premiere. That makes it easier for those of us who weren't at Comic-Con to vote it a winner. Even though I think it's not entirely a positive that it looks completely like a Road Warrior repeat, I have to admit it still plays awesomely. I'm reminded of the crazy Fast & Furious 6 trailer coming out of nowhere and winning the Super Bowl trailer prize last year. 

Both the Age of Ultron and Dawn of Justice footage may be better, but they're not as available for widespread excitement and also were somewhat already expected to be amazing. Fury Road gets points for suprise, raised expectations, full-on buzz and more. Of course, that doesn't mean it will be the best movie of the three when it actually arrives. I can't wait to see which one wins in the end.

What movie won Comic-Con this year?

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