What Movie Should Have Its Own Cruise?

What Movie Should Have Its Own Cruise?

May 05, 2014

Are you one of the biggest Wes Anderson fans on the planet? If so, you're already looking into getting a ticket for the Grand Budapest Hotel cruise, right? It's not a trip themed around the movie or Anderson's movies in general, nor does it go anywhere near where the fictional Republic of Zubrowka would be located, but the director will be aboard along with Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman and filmmaker Roman Coppola. There will also be a screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel and there will be a Q&A to follow. Hopefully at least everyone is given Team Zizzou red beanies, even if that's from a different movie.

The trip is aboard the Queen Mary 2, via Cunard Cruise Lines, from New York to Southampton, England, June 13 to June 20. Rooms are available at mostly lower rates, from what I can tell, save for the luxury suites, which are a whole bunch more (maybe because you'll definitely be bunking next to famous people?). Strangely, the Cunard bookings site doesn't mention the Wes Anderson adventure (yet it highlights a James Taylor concert cruise on the QM2 for later this summer!), so just trust that this is the right one.

Sounds like a vacation for only the most die-hard fans with the money to spend, and I don't know if I'm one of those. I'm still hoping to one day go along on the TCM Classic Cruise, where there are multiple movies to see and even more celebrities (maybe none as cool as Tilda Swinton, but whatever). And that's not the only cable network to have its own high-seas holiday. Last year, Chiller did something called "The Ship of Fear," which was like the TCM cruise only with horror films. According to a site for themed cruise listings, there are also upcoming trips for fans of Game of Thrones, Roger Moore as 007 and Duck Dynasty

If I went on a movie-themed cruise specific to a single title or filmmaker, I'd want it to go all out. I'd want it to be like a theme park devoted to the movie(s). In the way that Disney has its own cruise ships featuring characters from the studio's films. I'd want a Tim Burton cruise with people dressed as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and even the characters from his bad movies, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, which at least have visuals that would lend well to an oceanic theme party. Also a cruise that incorporates a plot would be cool. It's not a well-known movie, but Mystery Liner should inspire an actual mystery liner.

The best movie-related cruise ever, though, would have to be something based on Monkey Business, where Marx-brothers impersonators are running wild on board and playing the harp and piano and, most importantly, your funny bone. They can throw in reenactments of the stateroom scene from A Night at the Opera, too. And anytime someone says the word "vessel," that's your cue to whistle. 


What movie or filmmaker deserves a theme cruise?

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