What Movie-Related Thing from This Year Are You Thankful for?

What Movie-Related Thing from This Year Are You Thankful for?

Nov 21, 2012

This Thanksgiving we have a lot to be grateful for. There's the usual stuff, which may include the food we have before us, a roof over our head, good health, loved ones and the fact that the world hasn't ended yet (although we might only have a month left). Then there's the more current things, like the likelihood that Twinkies will continue to exist and the news that more Star Wars movies are on the way. Actually, you should probably reserve your thanks for the latter until you actually see Episode VII

Instead, there are plenty of titles that were actually released in the past 12 months that we've seen and are thankful for this holiday. One popular thing for movie fans to name in their Thanksgiving prayers this week is The Avengers. Another is The Cabin in the Woods. Basically, we can all just say we're thankful for Joss Whedon and cover both. As far as individual films we love and are glad came out, major titles should include Skyfall, Moonrise Kingdom, The Master and late 2011 release Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and surprise minor delights like 21 Jump Street, Dredd and Pitch Perfect

I'm thankful for the documentaries that have made a difference or impact this year. This Is Not a Film for giving Jafar Panahi a sneaky outlet for his brilliance in spite of being forbidden to make movies. The Invisible War for starting positive change in the Pentagon's treatment of rape in the U.S. Armed Forces. How to Survive a Plague for being incredibly inspiring to anyone hoping for change regarding any cause. The necessary and very timely Head Games for addressing the sports concussion issue. Also, regarding non-issue docs, I'm thankful that Ross McElwee released a new film this year (Photographic Memory). 

In spite of what I said about Star Wars, there are news stories and film announcements I'm thankful for hearing this year, such as Terry Gilliam starting a new science-fiction film (The Zero Theorem), You're Next finally getting a release date, there's another go at adapting Jack Finney's Time and Again, and -- in spite of the intial negative reaction or what I think of it when I finally see it -- the fact that Peter Jackson is making an attempt to advance the medium and try new things with his 48 frames-per-second version of The Hobbit

And if some people get to say they're thankful the Twilight films are over, I'll admit that part of me is thankful the same is true for Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight films. I like them, but I'm still thankful the hype is all over. 


What movie-related thing from this year are you thankful for?

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