What Movie Moment Do You Wish You Could Re-create in Real Life?

What Movie Moment Do You Wish You Could Re-create in Real Life?

Nov 19, 2012

People are really, really into Pixar's Up. It seems like once a month since the 2009 animated film debuted that we see a story about a "real life Up" somewhere on the Internet. Sometimes it's as simple as a lookalike Carl, Russell or Dug. Other times it's an attempt at making a house fly away with balloons. In the past people have done it with and without real people onboard, and over the weekend the sequence was re-created once again, as you can see in the photo above (see more here). This time the magical experience was achieved by cluster balloonist Jonathan Trappe, who last year did a similar, non-Up-related stunt across the English Channel.

It's not hard to re-create some favorite movie moments in real life. People model their weddings after scenes from films, they remake parties and dance numbers and hot sex scenes involving ice cubes and maybe even sprint through the Louvre in tribute to both Bande a Part and The Dreamers. But our favorite fantasy and science-fiction scenes aren't as easily doable. Or in the case of Up, just maybe difficult. Jogging in a loop aboard a space station, for instance, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Entering a video game world as in TRON or Wreck-It Ralph. Seemingly flying through the skyline of Manhattan in the arms of Spider-Man. The closest we have to living these scenes is in our dreams. 

My personal wishes for movie moments I could re-create and reenact and experience include the multi-animal race in Swiss Family Robinson (I typically just say living in the tree house, but I'd also love to ride an ostrich), the ballroom dance in Grand Central Station in The Fisher King, waking up in your bed that's suddenly on a beach a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, roller-skating through a museum a la L.A. Story and The Shining's chase through a blizzardy hedge maze (even if the ax-wielding Jack caught me, the thrill beforehand would be worth it as my final activity in life). 


What movie moment do you wish you could re-create in real life?

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