What Movie Do You Watch When You Need a Good Cry?

What Movie Do You Watch When You Need a Good Cry?

Jun 03, 2014

Movies exist for every mood. And we all have our favorites to put us in a certain place. There's the movie that is quickest to make us laugh and the movie that most easily inspires us. There's even the movie that can be turned to for anger, though that's not a place we often wish to go.

Sadness, however, is sometimes desired. There are movies specifically made to make us cry. They're called tearjerkers, of course, and there's one out this weekend. If you're going to see The Fault in Our Stars, you might already know to bring tissues. You likely are anticipating it as a good movie to help you get out a good cry. 

I don't think that's a spoiler anymore than it's a spoiler to say we expect a Will Ferrell movie to make us laugh. Sure, there are those movies that surprise us with their gut-wrenching moments, and those tend to bring out more tears. If you don't already know that Dear Zachary or E.T. or Grave of Fireflies or Love Story or Brian's Song or Old Yeller or Beaches or Titanic are going to have you weeping, you're actually likely to be gushing. But most of those are known and sold and watched for being tearjerkers.

Every now and then you need a good cry, and if you're not good at sense-memory exercises you probably require a special movie to get you there. My go-to movie to make me cry is, surprise surprise, a documentary. Real life will always bring me to tears, especially if the film uses manipulative dramatic tactics similar to those used in fiction tearjerkers.

My top choices would have to be the docs that immediately come to mind as recently bringing me to waterfall level crying: How to Die in Oregon, When We Were Here and How to Survive a Plague. The last one is probably the one I have watched twice and cried both times, and it's the one I'd most likely watch again, and not just for the sad parts. 


What's your go-to movie for when you need a good cry?

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