What Movie Did You Feel the Need to See Even Though It Got Terrible Reviews?

What Movie Did You Feel the Need to See Even Though It Got Terrible Reviews?

Jan 11, 2014

With The Legend of Hercules, 2014 seems to have its first major 0% movie on Rotten Tomatoes. A couple other titles opening this weekend also have the same score, but Hercules is the only wide release among them. It will be interesting to see how the movie does at the box office, because obviously a lot of people are still going to see it. Millions of moviegoers ignore what the critics say on a regular basis, if they even are aware of what they're saying.

Most of you readers are more savvy. Clearly, since you're reading a great movie blog run and written by passionate and knowledgeable cinephiles with the best opinions on the Internet. Seriously, though, you appreciate criticism, but sometimes you just really want to see Kellan Lutz with his shirt off. Or maybe not that, but something else that appeals to your interests regardless of whether it's supposed to be good or bad. 

There are certain filmmakers and favorite actors and actresses that we'll always support or feel compelled to watch, even as their careers take a downturn (hopefully only temporarily). Who among the millions of true Coen brothers fans could ignore The Ladykillers just because it was, unlike most of their work, panned? Who among all of you didn't keep going to see the next two Star Wars prequels, even if your local critic rated it little better than The Phantom Menace, which you also hated? 

I'll admit, it's hard to imagine there's anything redeeming about a movie that gets completely trashed in reviews and is stamped with that dreadful 0%. But it's hard to ignore a movie that has at least some positive marks. If someone likes it, maybe you will, too, right? I'm always up for checking something out to make up my own mind about it. After all, many critics originally came down hard upon films now considered classics, like Blade Runner, The Shining, Psycho and Vertigo

I tend to see most of the big bad movies anyway for my job, but I would have probably gone to see Battleship in spite of its reviews. One I did skip last year, though, was The Lone Ranger, which I'm now regretting. Even before it showed up in this poll's results, I'd been hearing a lot of defense for its entertainment value ever since it hit DVD. But we always tend to give something a better shot on video, don't we? It's different when we're not spending $30 on the thing that could be as terrible as the critics say.


Which movie did you feel the need to see in spite of its negative review (and did you end up liking it)?

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