What Movie Character's Clothes Do You Wish You Owned?

What Movie Character's Clothes Do You Wish You Owned?

Dec 09, 2013

Maybe I'm weird, but I spent a lot of time during Spike Jonze's Her thinking about the men's fashions of its near-future setting, especially the beltless high-waisted pants. Or maybe I'm not that weird, because the new movie has actually inspired a line of clothing from Opening Ceremony. They're not the exact designs we see worn by Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and the rest on-screen, but there are some similar pants as well as shirts that already have safety pins affixed to the pockets (to hold your smartphone high enough for the camera to poke over the top). It's too bad most of you won't see Her until mid January, becuase otherwise you'd want to put these items on your holiday wish list.

For now, you can tell us what other movie character's apparel would be on that wish list, or at least some close-enough clothing designs. What other movies should the designers at Opening Ceremony do a line based on? Before you say Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, they've already done fur-filled fashions in collaboration with that one. And if you're thinking about something sexy, check out Flavorwire's list of pop culture-inspired lingerie, which includes pieces and sets modeled off Blade Runner, Barbarella and the works of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch

To further start the discussion, I've got some ideas of my own. Provided these could actually exist, would look good on me and could fit in acceptably with today's real fashions, I would love to wear: Han Solo's iconic getup; Harpo Marx's trenchcoat filled with goodies; Rutger Hauer's outfits from Blade Runner (when he's wearing outfits); Colin Firth's suits in A Single Man; Marty McFly's future outfit from Back to the Future Part II -- no, the other one, with the double-tie look; Garrett Hedlund's glow suit in TRON: Legacy (I'd be a much cooler TRON Guy than the TRON Guy we know and love); the title character's masculine suits from Annie Hall (well, they are masculine) and Donald Duck's pantsless sailor suit (I did say if the clothes could be socially acceptable). 


What movie character's clothes do you wish you could own?

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