What Movie Brought You and Your Partner Closer Together?

What Movie Brought You and Your Partner Closer Together?

Feb 13, 2013

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which means millions of lovers will be going out to the movies on a special weeknight date, possibly growing closer over the latest Die Hard, Nicholas Sparks or YA fantasy film. Or, maybe they're staying home with a great new home video release, such as The Sessions or Planet of Snail -- either of which will prove that no handicap is too great for romance (so you'll have no excuse!). 

But movies can bring you and your partner ever closer long after that first or early date. Maybe a certain topic comes up that allows you to bond over views on waterboarding or Abe Lincoln's presidency or what you would do if your kid was kidnapped or arrested in a foreign country and you aren't Liam Neeson or Bruce Willis. Perhaps Skyfall finally got your significant other to appreciate James Bond movies. Possibly your quoting a sweetheart's favorite line from E.T. made him or her have a change of heart about leaving you.

Some of those ideas might seem cheesy on paper, but movies are really powerful and important in our lives and can affect us emotionally in the moment. 

One personal story of my wife and I growing closer over a movie (well, a book and movie) is how we came to name our son Atticus after bonding over our shared love for To Kill a Mockingbird. The thing about that bond was it initally formed when we were each in another relationship and only barely friends. She said she had wanted to name her son Atticus since she was very young, and I said the same. But at first it was just a chummy coincidence. We had no romantic interest in each other whatsoever for a few more years. But, once we came together that bond over Mockingbird was a big deal and we realized we were meant to have an Atticus together. Oddly enough, by the time he was born it was no longer that rare of a name for people to give their kids.

In addition to that story, I love my wife a little bit more anytime I make her watch a film I'm really into and she also loves it. This doesn't happen too often, so when it does it's quite special. And it works vice versa, too. 

Like many people with movie bonds, a lot of our own wound up integrated into our wedding. As I wrote elsewhere at the time, titles involved in the music and look and activities include Badlands, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Heathers, The Jerk, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Manhattan and When Harry Met Sally



What movie brought you and your partner closer together? 

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