What Movie Bloopers Looked Like in the 1930s

What Movie Bloopers Looked Like in the 1930s

Mar 18, 2013


Actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood always seem so sharp-tongued, composed and effortlessly cool. It's hard to imagine any of cinema's greatest stars, like Gary Cooper or Jean Harlow, tripping over their lines and screwing up a scene during shooting. The Film Archive recently shared a video that reveals the bloopers or "breakdowns" of the 1930s, which proves that the polish and sophistication sometimes gave way to mistakes. The video defines the gag reel as follows:

"A breakdown — when one or more people get 'tetched in the head' at a most opportune time — causing the director, the assistant director, the unit manager, the producer, etc., to lose their mental balance and their digestive organs fail to function."

What follows is a lot of "Goddammits!" and laughter. Keep in mind that setups for these films took far longer to compose than they do today, putting a lot of pressure on the actors to get things right the first time. It's still hilarious to watch the facade crack just a little. See more 1930s bloopers in the below clip.

[via @emmafgreen]

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