What Middle-aged 'Harry Potter' Books Might Look Like

What Middle-aged 'Harry Potter' Books Might Look Like

Jul 17, 2014

The opening of Diagon Alley down at Universal Studios in Florida has kicked up a whole pile of Harry Potter news lately, including a new short story courtesy of J.K. Rowling that updates you on the lives of a thirtysomething Harry and his two best mates, Ron and Hermione. Yes there's a potential tease of more Potter adventures to come, and of course this got folks thinking about what the continuing adventures of an older Harry might look like.

The folks over at Somecards (via Design Taxi) had fun creating these fake book covers imagining titles for a middle-aged Harry Potter, choosing to focus on stories that revolve around the mundane life of your average middle-aged person. Check out our favorites below...


Should J.K. Rowling ever decide to bring Harry Potter back, we don't think he'll be sweating reverse mortages or stalking old flames on Facebook, but you gotta admit it's amusing nonetheless.

Would you want to see an older Harry Potter return for more adventures in book form, as well as on the big screen? 




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