What Joseph Gordon-Levitt's New TV Show Is About and How You Can Be on It

What Joseph Gordon-Levitt's New TV Show Is About and How You Can Be on It

Mar 28, 2013

Not sure if you heard the news when it broke yesterday, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is returning to television after a long (and very successful) stint on the big screen. Of course you'll still see him in movies, but he's decided to take his HitRECord company to the small screen in an attempt to revive the "variety show" by using his brand to help crowdsource everything from short films to live performances, all of it hosted by Gordon-Levitt himself.

We've always been huge fans of the dude's unique production company, a one-stop shop of creativity born out of Gordon-Levitt's passion to not only create new, original content, but also do it alongside his fans and other independent artists. It's a great brand that continues to evolve, and its next step is to invade your television on a new channel called Pivot. 

What's Pivot? Network president Evan Shapiro explains: “The success of this network will be based on its impact. Both our programming and distribution model are designed to disrupt conventional wisdom. By building the network around our double bottom line, we spark change through entertaining stories told by powerful voices such as Joe, Meghan, Craig, the Marks and Univision.  By combining the dominant pay-TV model with an unconventional streaming package, we are adapting to changes our audience has already made.”

Sounds unique, inventive and "very now" -- sort of like the next evolution of what Current TV was. Here's Gordon-Levitt announcing the new show with information on how you can be a part of it.

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