What if These Famous Movies Kept Their Original Names?

What if These Famous Movies Kept Their Original Names?

May 03, 2013


It's no secret that the film industry finds a lot of inspiration from literature. Many of the films in theaters this weekend have taken their stories from comic books or novels. The young adult paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy trend is still going strong, and authors are finding their books optioned for screenplays at every turn. That's why we appreciate these film posters that replace the movie titles with the names of the books they were adapted from.

Both the film and the book are critical to the success of these works, and it's interesting to see how the iconic images change when seeing the book title plastered across the poster instead. Some of you may even spot a few films you didn't realize were adapted from novels — like Die Hard, a remake of the 1979 best-selling novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp. For more on that, we recently wrote about the film and book's connection to Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. Enjoy these bookish film posters, and visit here if you'd like to see more.





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