What Horror Movie Series Deserves Another Installment?

What Horror Movie Series Deserves Another Installment?

Oct 17, 2012

Say what you want about the nuisance of sequels, but they're pretty much a staple of the horror genre. You don't even need to be a successful horror film to spawn a long-running series, let alone a single follow-up. Obviously a phenomenal hit like Paranormal Activity will get a quick, high-profile sequel -- and this series, currently on number four, will keep releasing new films every October as long as we're paying for them (and maybe even after, with direct-to-video rather than theatrical installments). But just because it wasn't a hit, does that really mean I'll never get a Slither 2? How about after James Gunn has a massive success with Guardians of the Galaxy?

We all have our favorite kinds of horror films and those we'd like to see sequels to -- or more sequels to, if there has already been one or a few. Doesn't every scary movie antagonist deserve a trip to space or an adventure in the hood or a meta installment? How about at least a spin-off where he or she faces off against another villain? But not a prequel, becuase those are never a good idea, especially if they attempt an origin that explains the character or creature's troubled past, which caused him/her/it to turn out so evil.

My preference with the genre is the slightly comedic monster movie sort: Gremlins, Ghoulies, Critters and Munchies. Graboids and blobs and hobgoblins, too. The great thing about these types of films is there's always more of them, so sequels can keep on going without need for a remake or reboot. I could watch a billion movies in which critters go on a feeding frenzy through a population. Who cares if Scott Grimes or even Leonardo DiCaprio is around to stop them for awhile?

Speaking of reboots, though, I can imagine some fans out there are upset with the dead-end remakes of Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween (which at least got to one sequel). These, too, are iconic film characters with as much right to keep going and going as James Bond does. But at the same time, they're such big parts of cinema that nobody would tolerate them being bumped to the minors for some cheap direct-to-VOD sequels the way a lot of other properties can. I don't know why. They're of a sort that was once thought of as easily dispensed trash after so many installments anyway. 

Besides all the money it makes, does the Paranormal Activity series deserve such quick turnaround on sequels? Are there other horror film franchises you'd rather return to each October? One thing I know, after (very long ago) providing such a terrific addition to the list of films to see on Easter, why not let's have another Critters sequel set at Halloween? Or Columbus Day, National Boss Day, Canadian Thanksgiving or any other random date this month?

And I'm always down for Gremlins 3D as long as Joe Dante gets to make it. 


Which horror movie deserves another installment? 

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