What Was the First R-Rated Movie You Snuck Into?

What Was the First R-Rated Movie You Snuck Into?

Oct 28, 2013

Today's discussion is sure to date you. Not only by the answer you give, but by whether you can answer at all. I feel like I never had the chance to sneak into an R-rated movie as a kid because theaters were so much more lax in their admittance policy in the 1980s. Also, there weren't a lot of multiplexes where I lived yet, so the ability to auditorium-hop just wasn't there. And if we did get out to the eight screener (it seemed much bigger than that, then), our parents were there, too. Even if they didn't see the same movie we did, they'd know what we were going to so they could meet us outside the auditorium afterward.

The thing is, sometimes that movie we'd see, just us kids, was rated R anyway.

If I wanted to see an R-rated movie, chances are one parent or the other would take me. And if they wouldn't accompany me, they'd buy the ticket. I recall one time my mother got in a fight with the manager of a theater that wouldn't let my brother and I see Outrageous Fortune. As if Shelley Long and Bette Midler running around and bickering was the worst thing for a 10-year-old to see. But I had no idea what was "okay" for kids to see. A year later I met Victoria Jackson at a local carnival and told her I loved her in Casual Sex? I was 11. She seemed mortified. 

The closest that I can think of that compares to sneaking into an R-rated movie is renting a video that I figured even my parents would disapprove of by convincing them it was something else entirely. One I can remember is Evil Toons, which is pretty much just soft-core porn horror where one girl is raped by a cartoon wolf. But the cartoon on the cover easily confused the parent. Of course, I was in my early teens by the time that one came out. There were similar instances at sneaking near-porn home way before then, though. I'm sure Revenge of the Nerds, School Spirit and the Porkys movies seemed just as innocent as The Breakfast Club and Weird Science on their VHS boxes. 

What was the first R-rated movie you snuck into?

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