What Fictional Company from the Movies Would You Like to Intern For?

What Fictional Company from the Movies Would You Like to Intern For?

Jun 10, 2013

The new movie The Internship, which opened in fourth place with $18.1 million this past weekend, depicts what it's like to work at Google. It is obviously fictionalized for comedy purposes, but otherwise that's a real company. What might be more fun to watch is the story of interns at a fictional company. I don't mean just any made-up company. In fact, that sounds pretty pointless. I mean a well-known fictional company. Like Tyrell Corp. (Blade Runner) or Cyberdyne Systems Corp. (The Terminator) or Oscorp. (Spider-Man) or Umbrella Corp. (Resident Evil) or Soylent Corp. (Soylent Green) or Weyland-Yutani Corporation. (Alien) or LexCorp. (Superman). 

Okay, maybe not an infamously evil or even just controversial company (is it basically that any "corp" in a movie is doing bad things?). While it might seem safe to be a lowly intern at Tyrell, you just never know what kind of battles will be fought on the premises of a business that builds synthetic people. When thinking of a company you'd like to intern at, consider what they do and how they do it. I'm reminded of the bit in Clerks about the innocent contract workers who died in demolition of the second Death Star. Well, there were probably interns in there, too. But unlike the outside construction people, interns likely had some interest in and loyalty to the Empire. 

More relevant: think about The Cabin in the Woods. Without spoiling too much (it hasn't been long enough yet, right?), there is a company in the movie, and there are interns there who probably thought it a fun and safe place in spite of what they do there. Well, it turned out it was anything but safe. You also don't want to be an intern at any place that makes or might make killer robots at all, a la Cybderdyne or Tyrell or Omni Consumer Products (RoboCop). 

Here are some other companies that might seem fun or cool or promising in terms of advancement potential yet which might be dangerous: Stark Industries (Iron Man), Wayne Enterprises (Batman), Acme Corp. (Looney Tunes/Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), the Willy Wonka Candy Company (Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Nakitomi Trading Corporation (Die Hard), Benthic Petroleum (The Abyss), BiffCo (Back to the Future Part II), InGen (Jurassic Park) and Initech (Office Space) -- because if your company burns down, you're likely out of a position let alone future job.

So what might actually be a worthwhile internship, maybe as sought after as a real-life internship with Google? If we ignore time, I'd like to work for Hudsucker Industries (The Hudsucker Proxy), which seems magical, the Permanent Assurance Company (Monty Python's the Meaning of Life/The Crimson Permanent Assurance), because it's pretty exciting and fantastical for a place full of old men, Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters), which seems really dangerous yet I'm pretty sure nobody ever died in those movies (that was originally living, that is), Macmillan Toys (Big), since they're into employees who just play with the toys.

The best internship, however, especially if you're not thinking of it leading anywhere, would definiely be at Prestige Worldwide (Step Brothers). You probably just drink beer and laugh at the bosses all day. Here's their NSFW presentation video:



What fictional company would you like to intern for?

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