What Do You Hope to See and Hear at San Diego Comic-Con 2013?

What Do You Hope to See and Hear at San Diego Comic-Con 2013?

Jul 15, 2013

Until this morning, I felt like there weren't going be any surprises or major revelations at San Diego Comic-Con this week. We tend to actually hear about stuff as it's rumored and later confirmed (or denied) on a regular basis. There is just so much comic book and genre movie production going on lately that news has to come through all the time. But with the sudden Predator tease we saw earlier, I've become more optimistic that we'll be in for at least some minor bombshells. Sure, we're now anticipating word of a sequel, another reboot or something else related to the Predator franchise, but we have no idea what. The answer could be very exciting. 

Then there are the things we haven't yet officially learned regarding upcoming Marvel movies. For instance, who or what did Vin Diesel take a meeting for? Who is going to be voicing Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy? Are the answers to those questions related? (Diesel will be in town for Riddick, by the way.) Might we see some test or early footage from Guardians of the Galaxy? Might already-scheduled attendee Edgar Wright share any updates on Ant-Man? How about some certainy on the Phase Three titles? And could today's rumor about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being eyed for Doctor Strange turn into factual announcement come Saturday? Basically, SDCC is where I expect to hear every single latest known or cemented detail on these films, so Marvel better let something out of the bag. 

Meanwhile, will anything be up Warner Bros.' sleeve with possible DC Comics adaptations? Can the studio folks admit that Man of Steel is a pretty huge international hit and they are indeed already at work on the sequel -- very seriously for the end of next year? Or might they declare that there's just never going to be a Justice League movie and ask us to please put our anticipation to rest? Will they admit to believing in their latest release, regardless of what it made on opening weekend, and announce that Pacific Rim 2 will in fact happen? If they give us anything more than the basic presentations on Riddick, Godzilla and Ender's Game, it'll be the biggest shocker of the event. 

One thing we can depend on is some fresh visuals, whether its just a preview reel or an actual teaser or trailer. We'll probably see Jamie Foxx in action as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 following the recent first look from EW. Likewise there ought to be a little footage from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (also there'll be a new Marvel one-off short related to the Cap series called Agent Carter), X-Men: Days of Future Past and, for non-Marvel-related tentpoles, the next big Tom Cruise sci-fi flick All You Need Is Kill. None of this will be out of the blue if shown, however. And who knows what will make its way outside of San Diego and onto the Internet?  

What could be the most exciting surprise for fans at Comic-Con this weekend is if the X-Files anniversary panel winds up being a place to reveal a third film in development. Of course, it'll still be five years away since the plan is obviously only to do them every 10 years and we're not due for another until 2018.


What are you hoping to hear or see at Comic-Con this year?

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