What Candy Should Get Its Own Movie?

What Candy Should Get Its Own Movie?

Apr 24, 2014

Just when you were sick of seeing and mistakingly eating too many Peeps over the Easter holiday, the sugary marshamallow treat has been announced as the next branded item to receive its own movie. Surprisingly it's not going to be a horror movie in which a bunch of the little pastel-colored blobs attack a small town. Attack of the Peeps has a nice ring to it. Instead, it'll be something more along the lines of Toy Story, The Lego Movie and I guess Small Soldiers, as that last one was written by Adam Rifkin, who'll now be making Peeps: The Movie.

Is candy going to be the new trend for Hollywood's mining of familiar properties? If so, perhaps another kind will lend itself to the horror genre. Gummi Worms, maybe? As for Gummi Bears, they've already been turned into a Saturday morning cartoon by Disney, so it's only a matter of time before that's adapted for the big screen. If it's not too confusing after the unrelated John Travolta-voiced Gummy Bear the Movie coming out this year. Other candy characters that would easily and therefore will likely get their own movie sometime soon: the anthropomorphic M&Ms.


Some brands without such recognizable mascots and the like at least have concept-inspiring names. Smarties sounds like Baby Geniuses except it's about little brainac candies. Or would that be the Nerds movie? Starburst is something sci-fi. So is Milky Way. Pop Rocks is a musical. Warheads is, obviously, a war movie. Oh Henry! is an erotic drama, like 50 Shades of Grey. Okay, so maybe Nestle wouldn't be into that opportunity.

If there is a single candy company that ought to go all in with its brands, Mars might be it. Just set it on Mars and have the M&M characters, the Three Musketeers and Godzilla, who is apparently now hawking Snickers bars. Or maybe Hershey is the more appropriate umbrella company given that it already has its own theme park. If they want to start with some solo outfits, the way Marvel has done with The Avengers, they can start with a movie about Reese's Pieces and how they rose to fame thanks to starring in E.T. It'd be like those Hollywood history dramas -- Hitchcock,  My Week with Marilyn, etc. -- but focused on litlte peanut butter candies.

And for those of you who say Pez, maybe here's a sneak peek:


What candy brand should be the next to make it to the big screen?

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