What About Bob?

What About Bob?

Aug 18, 2009

A couple of years ago Blu-ray Bob was enjoying a cocktail at a popular Hollywood nightspot when a group of about 30 people wearing trench coats strolled into the bar. This Bob struck up a conversation with one character that looked curiously—purposely, even—like Silent Bob, the character played by Kevin Smith himself in many of his films. Sure enough, the Bob look-alike was part of a pack of Kevin Smith devotees who were meeting in town to hear their favorite comic book geek-cum-director speak. Maybe this Bob will see them picking racks clean at local video stores on November 17 when Miramax releases Kevin Smith: 3-Movie Collection on Blu-ray. The slacker-god set includes Chasing Amy (with over four hours of BD-exclusive content), Clerks (with over 90 minutes of new bonus content) and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Both Chasing Amy and Clerks will also be available separately on BD along with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which is already available. Facial hair, cocktail and signature trench coat are not included in the three pack.

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