Great Minds Battle of the Day: Stephen Colbert vs Werner Herzog (VIDEO)

Great Minds Battle of the Day: Stephen Colbert vs Werner Herzog (VIDEO)

Jun 07, 2011

One of our favorite documentarians, Werner Herzog, visited The Colbert Show recently to promote his new movie, Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D, and he squared off in an epic Herzogian battle of weirdness that you simply must watch if you're a fan of either artist. We love Colbert -- he's smart, funny and wildly entertaining -- but he's known for being a bit of an attention whore during his interviews. Sure that's part of his shtick and all, but sometimes he's got so much shtick to throw out that his guests barely get in a word edgewise.

And then you have Werner Herzog, one of the oddest filmmakers working today. His films range from the brilliantly tragic to the hilariously absurd, and those who are fans of his work usually can't get enough of it. However, he's a pretty tough interview because he often goes off on tangents that are practically impossible to understand. It's rare to see someone come on The Colbert Show and silence Stephen Colbert with their awesome oddness, but leave it up to Werzog -- and his stories of radioactive albino crocodiles -- to one-up Colbert on his own show.

Watch the video below ...


[via Vulture]

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