Watch: Eden Does Not Exist in the Werner Herzog-Narrated, Primordial Drama of 'Dinotasia'

Watch: Eden Does Not Exist in the Werner Herzog-Narrated, Primordial Drama of 'Dinotasia'

Apr 23, 2012

"Their bones gave rise to legends, and legendary creatures. Dragons, Griffins, Tarasque, Basilisk, Wyvern, Coatl, and the Kraken. Eden does not exist here. We have now returned to a world where life and death are locked in a merciless struggle. Our stage may have eroded with time, but the cast remains. We must now watch them in their primordial drama, our Dinotasia."

Whoever decided to hire Werner Herzog to narrate the trailer (via Criterion Cast) for a new CGI-dino re-enactment series just made my week. Admittedly, hearing the German national treasure say the words Wyvern, Coatl and Kraken in the same sentence is not something I ever realized I needed in my life, but now that I know it exists, my life won't be complete until the full Dinotasia is in my grasp.

Of course, this isn't just some lame rehash of countless other CGI 'documentaries' that show what dinosaur life may have been like. What separates Dinotasia from the likes of Walking With Dinosaurs is an appreciable bloodlust. This aren't just some cheaply rendered T-Rexes stomping about, this is life and death millions of years in the making- and who better to listen to when tails are being ripped off and throats impaled by great horns that than the genius who has already given the world Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Into the Abyss?

Is Herzog's involvement a gimmick to get people to watch the show, which is actually a drastically reworked version of the Discovery Channel series Dinosaur Revolution? Absolutely. And it's absolutely working, too. In Herzog's own words, we must now watch them in their primordial drama. Not, we "can now watch." Must.

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