First Trailer and Images for 'Werewolf: The Beast Among Us' Debut Online

First Trailer and Images for 'Werewolf: The Beast Among Us' Debut Online

Jul 26, 2012

Werewolf Beast Among Us Stephen Rea

Universal is jumping back into the werewolf game with a film that looks like a Wolfman sequel, although technically it's not. Werewolf: The Beast Among Us is set to make its DVD and Blu-ray debut on October 9. To get everyone excited for all the wolf-on-human action, the studio has released some new images from the film and an official trailer. We’ve got the goods for you below.

Featuring performances from Stephen Rea, Nia Peeples and Guy Wilson (among others), Universal’s newest werewolf flick doesn’t have quite the same level of star power as Wolfman – but that might be to the film’s benefit, seeing as Wolfman suffered at the box office even with the presence of Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins’ names on the poster.

This new entry finds a lycanthrope terrorizing a 19th century European village. When news of the monster spreads, the village is overrun with werewolf hunters looking to kill the beast once and for all – but the plan threatens to derail when the locals turn against each other, each suspicious that one amongst them is the actual beast.

Honestly, it sounds like Smokin' Aces meets The Thing, which is an interesting way to go. Director Louis Morneau may be making a direct-to-video feature, but the clip looks better than most of your straight-to-DVD fare. 

We’ll find out if Werewolf: The Beast Among Us can kickstart Universal’s classic horror franchise when it debuts just in time for Halloween. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and trailer. You can find all the photos as well as the DVD specs over at Collider.

Werewolf Beast Among Us

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