This May Be the Weirdest Piece of 'Star Wars' Fan Art Ever

This May Be the Weirdest Piece of 'Star Wars' Fan Art Ever

Aug 09, 2013

We've pretty much seen it all when it comes to the various lengths Star Wars fans go to share their love of the franchise with the rest of the world. We've seen crazy fan-made posters, drawings, life-size characters and spaceships and, well, think of it and it probably exists. Then, of course, we have a separate category for people who put Star Wars art on their bodies. You have Star Wars tattoos that are permanent (here's how to do a Star Wars tat right, and here's how to do it wrong), and then you have people who paint Star Wars on their body in order to take pics and spread them across the Net.

Like this woman, who came up with the inspiring idea to paint the Death Star on her ass. Yes, her ass. It's the sort of concept that was probably born out of a drunken viewing of the movie, where one person said, "Hmm, the Death Star kind of looks like a big ass," and then someone else replied, "You know what would be cool ..." 

And then this was born! 

Weirdest, most amusing piece of Star Wars fan art ever? Probably not (there's a lot of insane stuff out there in the world), but it's definitely up there in the creatively moronic department.

[via Geekologie]

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