Watch: What 'Weird Science 2' Might Look Like if It Starred 'Breaking Bad''s RJ Mitte

Watch: What 'Weird Science 2' Might Look Like if It Starred 'Breaking Bad''s RJ Mitte

Aug 19, 2013

Weird Science

Since most of us here at grew up in the ‘80s, we have a whole lot of love for Weird Science. Apparently, the guys at Funny or Die do as well, because they’ve gifted us all with this new spoof of the classic teen comedy, titled (imaginatively enough) Weird Science 2.

The short features Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte (who probably shot this in his free time since he was nowhere to be found in last night’s episode. Who has time for breakfast when Walter’s trying to stay one step ahead of Hank? I just hope Walt Jr. got a morning meal somewhere...) and Mad Men’s Marten Weiner as a couple of nerds trying to make their dream babe (Alessandra Ambrosio) a reality. Unfortunately, things sort of go wrong like they do in Cronenberg’s The Fly.

Catch Weird Science 2 below and then swing by Funny or Die for even more hilarious videos mocking everything you loved in your childhood. Seriously, it makes the work day go way faster.


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