The Weekend Rent: Wall Street

The Weekend Rent: Wall Street

Sep 24, 2010

Unbelievably, it’s been 23 years since the rise and fall of corporate raider Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the film that epitomized the excess of the 1980s, Oliver Stone's Wall Street. Stone’s first-ever sequel, the long-awaited follow-up Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, opens in theaters today and has Douglas reprising his Oscar-winning role alongside co-stars Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin and Carey Mulligan. Now is a golden time to revisit the 1987 original on DVD or Blu-ray before you find out if Douglas has a shot at becoming the first actor in history to win a second Oscar for playing the same character.

Gekko's motto is "greed is good," and the ruthless Wall Street shark uses any means necessary to obtain insider information. After showing an ambitious young broker (Charlie Sheen) the ropes, which includes snagging a trophy blonde (Daryl Hannah) and an Upper East Side penthouse, Gekko promptly screws the new recruit over—but gets his just desserts when he goes to jail for corporate espionage. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps begins over two decades later when Gekko is finally released.

The world might have changed while Gekko bided his time in prison, but Wall Street remains an outstanding cautionary drama about Reagan era values. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray contain commentary and an introduction by Stone, deleted scenes, the "Greed Is Good" documentary and "Money Never Sleeps: The Making of Wall Street" documentary.

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