The Weekend Rent: Remembering Corey Haim

The Weekend Rent: Remembering Corey Haim

Mar 12, 2010

In the 1980s, you couldn’t walk out of a grocery store without seeing Corey Haim grinning at you from the cover of a teen magazine. The prettier half of TV’s The Two Coreys (the other being BFF Corey Feldman) made some memorable films early in his career only to fade into obscurity by the end of the ‘90s. Haim struggled with drug addiction most of his life and, by the time of his death this week at the age of 38, he was living with his mother in an apartment near Burbank and planning his comeback. Here’s a look back at Haim at the height of his game.

Lucas: In one of the best high school movies ever made, Haim plays the nerdy 14-year-old title character who will do anything to take his friendship with a pretty older girl, Maggie (Kerri Green), to the next level. When Maggie becomes a cheerleader, Lucas joins the football team and—because he’s upset about his unrequited love—takes off his helmet during a game and suffers a serious injury. In the end, Lucas hopes to pick up his friendship with Maggie and has earned the respect of the jocks who used to bully him. Watch the trailer.

Silver Bullet: In the 1985 adaptation of Stephen King’s novella Cycle of the Werewolf, Haim plays a paraplegic boy named Marty who has a strained relationship with his overburdened older sister. His uncle builds him a wheelchair/motorcycle called “Silver Bullet,” which Marty needs because his small Maine town is being ripped apart by a rogue werewolf. It all leads to a hairy showdown between Marty and a flesh-happy lycanthrope. Watch the trailer.

Murphy’s Romance: Sally Field plays a 33-year-old divorcee in this romantic comedy who moves to a small rural Arizona town to make a living by training and boarding horses. She begins to develop a crush on the local pharmacist, Murphy Jones (James Garner), but lets her ex-husband move in with her again because of their 12-year-old son, played by Haim. Watch the trailer.

The Lost Boys: Haim plays Sam, a young boy who moves to a small coastal California town with his mother and brother, Michael (Jason Patric), in this fan-favorite horror flick. The brothers soon discover that the bikers tooling around town are vampires, and it isn’t long before Michael gets wrapped up in their world and starts to change into a vampire himself. A frantic Sam seeks the help of comic book geek/vampire hunter Edgar Frog (Feldman) and his brother before Michael turns to the dark side for good. Although Feldman had a substantial role in the atrocious direct-to-video sequel, 2008’s Lost Boys: The Tribe, Haim only had an after-credits cameo due to difficulties during the time of filming. Watch the trailer.

License to Drive: After The Lost Boys became a big hit, BFF’s Haim and Feldman seemed attached at the hip on-screen and off. Here Haim plays a teenager who tries to impress his gorgeous date (Heather Graham) by picking her up in his grandpa’s sweet Cadillac. The only problem is that he failed his driving test. Can he impress the girl without wrecking the car and his grandfather’s trust? Watch the trailer.

Crank: High Voltage: After License to Drive, Haim starred in a string of straight-to-video stinkers, many of which also featured Feldman. More recently Haim started to appear in on the big screen again in supporting roles. In this sequel to Jason Statham’s Crank, Haim has a memorable scene as a dude with a fierce bleached mullet who gets body-slammed onto the hood of a car after confronting the heroine played by Amy Smart. Watch the trailer.

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