The Weekend Rent: Raise Your Glass to the Late Dudley Moore in Arthur and Arthur 2: On the Rocks

The Weekend Rent: Raise Your Glass to the Late Dudley Moore in Arthur and Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Apr 08, 2011

Horror films from the '80s don't comprise the only genre that Hollywood strip-mines for remakes nowadays. This week the remake of Arthur hits theaters, which stars Russell Brand as the eponymous playboy rascal with the gigantic teeth who is lined up to inherit a great fortune if he marries an heiress (Jennifer Garner), who his mother thinks will help dry him out. Arthur, however, falls for a working-class gal (Greta Gerwig) and turns to his nanny (Helen Mirren) for help choosing between love and a lump sum.

Before you see the new Arthur in theaters, toss back a few with 1981's Arthur and 1988's Arthur 2: On the Rocks, both of which are available on DVD or bundled together as a Blu-ray two-pack.

Arthur: Oscar-nominated Dudley Moore plays Arthur Bach, a New York City playboy suffering from arrested development and set to inherit his father's $750 million fortune. The catch? Arthur must marry upper-class beauty Susan Johnson (Jill Eikenberry), who the family hopes will help him grow up. Before he can propose, Arthur meets Queens waitress Linda Marolla (Liza Minnelli) and falls deeply in love with her. Boozy antics ensue and, at the end, Arthur must decide between money and Linda…or figure out a way to have it all. The film won two Oscars: one for supporting actor John Gielgud and one for the song that will never get out of your head, "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" by Christopher Cross.

Arthur 2: On the Rocks: This critically panned sequel to Arthur was disowned by Moore and earned Minnelli a Razzie award for reprising her role as Linda, but the film has since found a bit of cult following on disc. In Arthur 2, Arthur loses control of his inheritance and is soon broke and out on the street. At the same time he tries to sober up and—gulp—get a job, Arthur and Linda try to adopt a baby. Oscar winner Gielgud makes a cameo as the ghost of Hobson, the valet he played in the first movie.

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