The Weekend Rent: John Cusack in One Crazy Summer

The Weekend Rent: John Cusack in One Crazy Summer

Mar 26, 2010

Buzz is great about Hot Tub Time Machine, in which John Cusack stars as a down-and-out guy who passes out in a Jacuzzi with a bunch of similar-minded pals and somehow wakes up in 1986. The improbable time jump becomes a chance for them all to redo the past and change their futures—or not.

We’re not sure what you were doing in 1986 (some of you weren’t even born yet), but you can take yourself back to the Reagan era with Cusack by renting his big 1986 film—the teenage gagfest One Crazy Summer. Writer-director Savage Steve Holland had a cult hit in 1985 with Better Off Dead, which also starred Cusack, so he brought back some of the same cast for this goofy comedy that has been called Better Off Dead Goes to the Beach.

In One Crazy Summer, Cusack plays recent high school grad Hoops McCann who disappointed his parents by not scoring the basketball scholarship he was counting on. Hoops is also an aspiring cartoonist and hopes to get into the Rhode Island School of Design, but he must write and illustrate a love story as part of the application. Opportunity knocks in the form of rock singer Cassandra Eldridge (Demi Moore) when Hoops and his friends pick her up on their way to spend the summer on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. Do you think there is any chance that Moore will inspire Cusack’s character to create his love story? It’s as likely in this movie as seeing Bobcat Goldthwait go on a rampage in a Godzilla suit on the beach.

Cusack’s character in Hot Tub Time Machine is bummed about his life in the present day, but the real Cusack has been enjoying box-office successes of late like 1408 and 2012. In fact, the 43-year-old actor has enjoyed a long career that few of his peers have and often elevates the material—just like he does in that One Crazy Summer in 1986.

Also rent these Cusack ‘80s classics: Say Anything, Stand By Me, Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing and Sixteen Candles

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